About Us

Commitee and board members
From left to right – Top: Peter Roberts, Owen Campbell-Savours, Vic Gibson, Allan Daniels, Bob Bryden; Bottom:  Jo Brand, Wendy Bewley, Sue Roberts, Bill Bewley and Joyce Swainbank

KCHT was formed as a consequence of concerned and motivated individuals in Churches Together in Keswick carrying out the ‘Exploring Our Community’ consultations early in 2009 about improving the future for all the townspeople of Keswick.  This threw up great concern at the combined impact of high house prices and second homes, low wages associated with the tourism industry, the loss of affordable housing through the Right to Buy, and the high cost of recent housing association shared ownership.

KCHT is a Community Land Trust, registered with the Financial Services Authority as an Industrial and Provident Society (No 31141R).  We use governing documents drawn up by Cobbett’s and Anthony Collins Solicitors, experts in the legal aspects of Community Land Trusts, who have advised us in launching this Share Issue.

KCHT has a Board of Directors.  The initial Directors come from a variety of backgrounds as follows-

Name Background Role
Bill Bewley Quakers, Churches Together Chairman
Lorraine Taylor Previously Town Council Secretary
Peter Roberts Retired Deputy Head Treasurer
Wendy Bewley Retired Bank Official
Jo Brand Estate Agent; Trained Mortgage & Savings & Investment Advisor
Bob Bryden Retired Head Teacher
Sue Roberts Retired Teaching Assistant
Joyce Swainbank Customer Services Adviser
Andrew Thorburn Cable Jointer

In future, the Directors will be elected at each Annual General Meeting (AGM) of KCHT. Anyone who shares a commitment to the provision of affordable housing in perpetuity in Keswick can become a member of KCHT upon payment of the sum of £1.00. The AGM is a public meeting, but only those who are members of KCHT are entitled to vote. Any member can stand for election to the Board.

KCHT is advised and supported by Community Land Trust Officer, Andy Lloyd, who works with several other Community Land Trusts across Cumbria who are seeking to address similar problems in their communities. There is a small sub group dealing with the Share Issue, consisting of Rev Jennet McLeod, Wendy Bewley, Jo Brand and Bob Bryden, advised by Andy Lloyd and Sarah Lines of Anthony Collins Solicitors.