The Hopes

The Hopes Development, Keswick

Keswick has always been and still is a Market Town, in order for our market town to thrive we need the local people of Keswick to live and work here. As you have read above, many of the local people of Keswick have moved away for better paid jobs and lower cost housing and many have moved to the outer towns as property in Keswick is beyond the reach of most people.

We have secured a suitable plot of land on the site of the prominent St John’s Church who have generously agreed to make it available at a price which will enable the genuine affordability of the houses.  It is in the centre of town and we have obtained planning permission to build eleven three bedroomed properties, totally in keeping with the surrounding properties and hope to make them as environmentally friendly as possible. The Lake District National Park planners have indicated a strong need to consider a ‘Green Build’ using sustainable building techniques, KCHT is very keen to ensure that the housing complements the varying styles of the town.

The aim of KCHT is to provide a mix of low cost rented homes and shared ownership homes to meet the needs of those on lower and intermediate incomes. The eleven properties that are built will serve every aspect of Keswick need. The plan is to provide 5 rental properties, 5 part ownership properties (2 @ 45% of the market value, 2 @ 60% and one @ 75%)  and one local occupancy property which will sold at a discount on open market prices and which will provide some cross subsidy for the development.  (Local occupancy refers to a property which can only be sold to a person who is employed, about to be employed or was last employed locally or to someone who has lived locally for three years or more.  This restriction has a discounting effect on the price.  (See LDNP Policy CS18.))

KCHT has worked hard to make sure that every aspect of the build is right and with the assistance of Derwent and Solway Housing Association we have selected Day Cummins as the Architects and Donleys as the Quantity Surveyor (QS). Donleys QS will act a Client Representative providing project development and delivery and controlling costs on KCHTs behalf. They have been responsible for orchestrating tenders from developers and building contractors and will be responsible for maintaining control over the project budget and deliverability.

The Rules of KCHT attempt to secure these properties as truly affordable homes in perpetuity for local people.

Our governing documents and the full Business Plan for the St John’s development are available on request from our Registered Office address.

For photos of The Hopes during development, please see the Gallery page.