Calvert Way

KCHT has 22 houses at Calvert Way as part of a 55-house development of Sheep Dog Field, the other properties being with a housing association (23) or privately owned (10). 

The development was completed in 2017 and our houses include two-bedroom, three-bedroom, and four-bedroom houses, all with gardens and parking spaces.

Like The Hopes, our properties at Calvert Way are split between 50 percent shared-ownership and rental. As with all our shared-ownership properties, KCHT chooses not to charge any rent on its share of the properties.

Site plan – Plans for KCHT’s biggest development first emerged in November 2014, with 22 houses as part of a combined £5 million scheme called Calvert Way to build 55 homes on Sheep Dog Field off Brundholme Road. Impact Housing would have 23 houses, with the other 10 being sold privately by Atkinson Homes. The plans were approved by the Lake District National Park Authority before work began in April 2015. The first residents moved in the following year, with KCHT having received more than 100 written applications for its 22 houses, reflecting the need for affordable homes in Keswick.

Members of community land trusts from outside Cumbria were impressed with what they saw when they came to Keswick in July 2018 and visited KCHT’s Calvert Way development where they were shown round by treasurer Dr Peter Roberts (right). Kate Jump, from Upper Dales CLT in North Yorkshire, praised KHT’s achievements saying: “It is a model that we want to emulate here. Like the Lake District, we too are seeing young people leaving in droves because they can’t afford property. Prices are being pushed up not just by holiday lets and second homes but also by the natural local economy with seasonal and agricultural work.”